Rustic Tiles | About us
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About us


For many years of our activity, we have understood that only comprehensive customer service can fully satisfy his expectations.

Therefore, our help begins at the stage of project planning, trying to choose the most appropriate type of product for a given investment. Then, through professional assembly service, we guarantee the full use of the capabilities of the product and the highest level of using the best available materials from world leaders in the field of construction chemistry. All individual components make up the wider range of customers who are willing to come back for more investments.

For more information on the topic you are interested in, click one of the icons below.


    If you have an initial idea, outline the project you would like to make, contact us and we will be happy to use our own many years of experience to advise you which product will be the most suitable and which materials to build for your investment. To get the basic calculation, click the icon above.


    Our trade partners are prestigious companies producing brick tiles from all around the Europe. That is why beside standard offer we are able to fit into customer needs. We are not afraid of challanges and with greatest pleasure we can face up even to most sophisticated orders.


    Many years of experience taught us that transport is as important as quality of products. Extraordinary protection and also cooperation with professional courier companies is warranty of safe package. Particular price is calculated according to the size of an order and place requested by our clients. You can contact us for any further questions and informations.


    Thanks to purchasing in our firm there is a possibility of using our experts in case of service and installment of all kinds of brick tiles. Should you decide on installing our product yourself, we assure you that you will be given all needed products and informations necessary to do so.