Rustic Tiles | Grout & Adhesive
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Grout & Adhesive

Mortar with the original Rhine Tubag Trass for grouting bricks and tiles facade and clinker, stone cladding and unglazed tiles, ceramic tiles mounted on vertical surfaces – walls facing, fences, posts, etc. For outdoor use and in interiors. Mortar with very much high adhesion to the edge of the brick and tiles. Contents of the Tubag Trass minimizes the risk of efflorescence, ensures high tightness and vapor permeability of the weld material. Specially selected chippings, binder and pigments ensure stable and durable mortar colors. Easy and economical in processing. After setting has got frost-resistant. Created for grouting of facade tiles with a thickness of min. 8 mm (minimum weld dimensions 10 x 15 mm). Consumption depends on the type of welded elements wall and joint depth, eg for a 10 x 10 mm weld, approx. 5.5 kg / m2. Available colors according to the color palette of clinker mortar quick-mix FM T: brown, brick, sand, beige, white, steel, gray, graphite, black.