Rustic Tiles | Cast Stone
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Cast Stone

Natural and wide range colours of our cast stone products gives You good option to suite Your project to Yours indyvidual expectations. Reconstructed Stone – Royal Cast Stone not dyed, painted or lidded with plaster to achieve its colour. Colours of this pieces are natural colours of using materials and sholuld not changing thrue the years.


Sometimes on the surface can appear white lime bloom or moss. This is natural process characteristic of any products containing limestone. It will dissapear after any time or after impregnate process. It is very important to impregnate sandstone parts immediately after installation to avoid penetration of moisture inside of the product. After then it is easier to keep this clean and protect every part of bad influence of weather or air pollution. Currently we do this impregnation for customers in our manufacture. You can clean sandstone products from moss or dirt in the same way as a natural stone.


You are very welcome to know our cast stone products offer. We hope, that they inspire You to make Your Houses and premises more beautiful and nice places to live and spend time. Natural colours and classic desig are unique match that we want to present.
Fashion passt away and style stays.


One of our main froduct that we specialize are gate piers and pillars. We offer them in modern – style shape as well as old – style design. The fence should match the house and be durable and aesthetic.


This pillar design matches manor houses, palaces or can be used as surrounds of parks and residences.. Fine fence crown Your landscape surrounds and it is Your house showcase. It delineate alsoYour private space.


Piers are standard items in our offer. They are build from shaft – sections „cubes” to be easy to assembly. Every shaft have hollow inside to be reinforced with steel and concrete. Steel gate can be set directly on our piers if it is not too heav. Huge and very heavy gates are set on additional steel posts due to safety order.




Royal Cast Stone pier caps are made as a standard range of designs and sizes of our collection that we offer. We do them as well as custom made stonework, if required. We own many of historical patterns but we offer contemporary designs too.


We do our fence systeme (pillars, gate piers and copings) as a many parts that matches, because every single part is made very precise and the patterns are replicable. Our reconstructed stone articles are suitable to create stone fences or to finish brick pillars and gate piers as required.


Our cappings are plain or decorative in shape. Only what You need to do, is to choose from between wide range of them. They are made in standard sizes or on special order our customers.


Currently we own a big range of patterns. We hope, every customer find his product. If not, we are be happy to advise You. Other sizes are also available. Do not hasitate to contact us for more informations.




The Royal Casts Stone offer includes also wide range of moulding. All designes are created in our manufactur. They are simple or very decorative in its shape. Tasteful window or door surround will decorate Your house facade. Combination of many appropriate pieces for example of window surrounds with cills and keysones helps magnificently to achieve unique and outstanding visual effect. In our moulding collection are to find otherwise heads, door surrounds- pilasters, quoins, cornices, corbels, brackets, string courses, plinths and others details, e.g. name- or date plaques. All these cast stone pieces are done as a standard designes, but we can produce them as custom-made at the individual customers’s request in any other size or style.